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UKOT Programme

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If you have an enquiry to direct to the UKOTs programme, please email:

The senior leadership team for the UKOT programme includes:

  • Natalie Wright, Health protection lead
  • Annabel Grieve, Programme management lead



Workstream Leads

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Antimicrobial Resistance

 Matthew Dryden 

Behavioural Science

 Dale Weston

Chemicals and Radiation

 Lydia Izon-Cooper

Emergency Planning, Resilience and Response (EPRR)

 Ian Rufus/ Kathy Wainwright

Epidemiology and Surveillance

Allegra Chatterjee

Graham Fraser

Infection Prevention Control (IPC)

 Janice Toplass


 John Lee

Medical Entomology (MEZE)

 Jolyon Medlock

Alexander Vaux

Non-communicable Diseases (NCD)

Brittney MacKinlay

Julia Robson

Sarah Payne-Riches

Prison Health

 Sunita Sturup-Toft

Vulnerable Populations

  Sunita Sturup-Toft

Workforce Development

 Lara Kontos


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