These closed spaces are intended for network members to access and participate in discussion threads, knowledge and resource sharing and network secretariat documents (e.g. minutes). 

If you are a member of one of these networks or would like to be, please email

All groups

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Prison Health

A dedicated space for the Prison Health Network.

7 Members • 2 Topics

Health Promotion

This is a dedicated group for those involved with Health Promotion.

4 Members • 1 Topics

IPC & AMR Network

A dedicated group for Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) and Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR). This is currently an invite only group.

1 Members • 0 Topics


A group that is dedicated to CMO. It is currently a closed group, with access through invite only.

1 Members • 0 Topics

Molecular Diagnostic

A dedicated group to the discussion and network of Molecular Diagnostics.

1 Members • 0 Topics

Laboratory Managers

This group is for the use of Laboratory Managers. You will only be able to access this group if you have been sent a private invite.

Community Psychiatric Nurses

A dedicated group for Community Psychiatric Nurses - this is currently a closed space that can only be accessed through invitation.

6 Members • 0 Topics

Environmental Public Health

This group is for the discussion and network of Environmental Public Health (EPH).

2 Members • 0 Topics


This is a group dedicated to the discussion of Epidemiology. It is currently accessible through invitation only.

1 Members • 0 Topics


A dedicated group to Pharmacy. This is currently a closed group.